ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A surveillance video released by police on Thursday showed two people running from gunfire at a supermarket in north county.

Investigators initially thought it was likely a young girl and her mother running in that video. It turned out to be two young girls, ages 6 and 13. They are cousins. 

“(The suspect) shot the glass as she was pushing (the door) open. The glass shattered all over her,” said the 6-year-old’s mother. “It was in her hair and her blood was like dripping (there were a) bunch of cuts on her arms, leg, between her fingers. She was like, ‘I’m never going back to that store. I’m never going back to that store.’” 

The mother did not want to identify. She said she was upset at people who’ve been criticizing the older girl, thinking she was the younger girl’s mom.  

“Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, how can the mom just leave her?’” 

The two girls had gone to the Beverly Hills Supermarket on Natural Bridge Road for snacks last Wednesday.  

The North County Police Cooperative gave this account of the incident:  

“Three men got into a fight waiting in line inside the store. Marcell Payne beat Kardaye Moore, 23, then held him from behind as Warren Smith, 31, shot and killed Moore. Smith inadvertently shot Payne in the hands.”  

While the shooting took place, the girls ran for their lives. They headed back to the nearby home where their mothers waited with no clue as to what had just happened. The 6-year-old’s mother said she was proud of the older cousin.  

“She was carrying my daughter (when they arrived home),” the 6-year-old’s mother said. “Guys are so careless when they start shooting. They don’t even care if kids are around. Somebody as little as her, this little body cannot take a bullet. I was just thanking God that her guardian angels were watching over her, shielding her.” 

Police released the video in part to locate witnesses but also to make sure the two people in the video were not seriously hurt. They are not physically harmed.    

The two suspects are being held on murder charges.