ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Flooding in July was historic in the St. Louis area, and parts of St. Charles County were hit hard.

First responders who rescued people from floodwaters shared the rescue of a man trapped inside his car. St. Charles County first responders slowly made their way to a car nearly submerged in floodwater. Once there, they found a driver sitting in the passenger seat unable to open the door. They tried to bust the window with no success.

The responder then opened the back door, but after trying for a few minutes to get the driver out of the car, they turned their attention back to the front passenger door.

As they attempt to break the window, rushing floodwater makes it more difficult. Eventually, they were able to pull open the door with their hands and pull out the passenger. He was scared but healthy. First responders wrapped him in a rope and began to slowly fight their way out of the racing and rising water.

Once on dry land, they took the rope off and walked the man to his apartment. 

St. Charles County first responders rescued multiple people on July 26 during the flooding.