ST. LOUIS – A driver crashed his truck, with an attached trailer, into several parked cars in Tower Grove South, damaging them. The hit-and-run was caught on camera.

After 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, what appeared to be a tow truck or large pickup carrying a work trailer lost that trailer, and it slammed hard into several parked cars.

“We have a speed bump, so I’m used to hearing sounds of cars going too fast and scraping that thing, but this sounded like a train wreck,” said Terrence Strong, a Tower Grove South resident.

The impact was so severe, the trailer detached from the truck and lodged itself into the back of Strong’s car.

“I came out and saw a 20-foot trailer almost jackknifed and lodged underneath this car here, which is our car,” Strong said. “It slammed into the back of this car and rammed it into our van.”

The driver took off.

This is the third time his car has been the victim of a hit-and-run. He said speeding is an ongoing issue.

“It makes me feel vulnerable, it makes me feel like it’s difficult to get ahead,” Strong said.

He called the police, but before they arrived, the driver came back to try and get the trailer, to no avail, before fleeing once again.

In addition to speeding and reckless driving, Strong said the roadwork pushes cars around it, which can then cause major accidents and damage people’s cars.

“That trailer is probably worth more than this car, and for someone to leave something like that,” Strong said. “It makes you wonder what they are hiding, what were they doing at the time?”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating.

The driver is still on the loose.