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UPDATE: The voluntary water boil advisory was lifted for the below area on Wednesday at about 12 p.m.

ST. PETERS, Mo. – The City of St. Peters issued a voluntary boil water order for customers in three subdivisions due to a water main break on Monday.

A spokesperson for the city water department says they have no reason to think the water is unsafe, but the advisory has been issued for customers in Savannah, Country Hill Farm, and Southwood Drive until the division confirms the water quality. That process usually takes 48 hours before confirming if the water is safe for consumption.

Any water used for cooking or drinking should be brought to a boil for three to five minutes and allowed to cool beforehand.

The water may be used for bathing, a city spokesperson said.

Residents are advised to look for discolored water. That can be a sign of mineral deposits being dissolved into the water. If that happens, people should run cold water from their faucet for approximately three minutes.

Updates on the boil order will be posted online at The St. Peters Water Department will answer questions regarding the advisory at 636-477-6600 (ext. 1573).