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EUREKA, Mo. – Parents and teachers at the Rockwood School District spoke out Thursday against a school board director at a public meeting.

The speakers lined up to voice their concerns about the board voting to change the ethics policy. 

“One of our board members has recently made comments mocking and belittling several groups of parents, students, and staff. How are LGBTQA+ students, transgender students, special school district students, and their families supposed to feel safe when there is a board member using them for a laugh,” said one speaker.

The speakers said they wanted to see the newly elected board director, Jessica Clark, removed from her position after they said she made disrespectful and hurtful comments about students and parents. The board approved a new code of ethics for the directors. They said the reason for the change is to ensure all members are held to the highest professional standard.

“I never thought in the 11 years plus that I’ve been on the Board of Education that I would be faced with this situation such as tonight,” said Dr. Keith Kinder.

The board then voted to remove Clark from the Board Wellness Committee and the alternative for the Missouri School Board Association. The Missouri school board voted to remove the member after making hateful comments.

Clark made the following remarks after the vote: 

“Let me remind you, that I would not be sitting here if all parents and all students actually felt like they were a part of that all. There is no way I would be sitting in this place.”