ST. LOUIS — Absentee voting is underway for the April 4, 2023, election in Missouri and Illinois. The deadline to register to vote in Missouri was March 8. Registered voters may cast a ballot at several polling places in person before election day. You will need an ID to cast a ballot in the Show-Me-State. See where you can vote before election day here.


Check your voter registration, get a sample ballot and see where your polling place is here.

Marijuana tax propositions

Many voters in Missouri will see propositions asking voters to approve an additional three percent tax on the retail sale of marijuana. This is listed as Proposition M on St. Louis County and Proposition 3 on St. Charles County ballots. It is on ballots statewide after the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is up to voters to decide if the additional tax will be added to sales.

St. Louis City

St. Louis Board of Aldermen

Many candidates for the St. Louis Board of Aldermen are on the ballot in April. The number of people on the board has been cut in half, and many districts have been redrawn. There are many new faces and incumbents running to represent their wards. The outcome of this election will change the makeup of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Learn more about who is on the ballot here.

Proposition C

Proposition C is also up for a vote in St. Louis. The amendment is to serve as a regular check on the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government.

If approved, there would be a board of residents who serve for a decade. Their job would be to consider revisions to the city’s charter and amendments for voters to decide on.

St. Louis County

There are many mayors, city council members, aldermen, propositions, and school board members on the ballot in St. Louis County. See where your polling place is and check a sample ballot here.

St. Charles County

Mayor Dan Borgmeyer, 76 is on the ballot. He faces a challenge from councilman Tom Besselman, 66. They face off amid a controversy over contaminated drinking water.

Five St. Charles council seats will be filled at the April election. There are also many judges, aldermen, school board members, and propositions up for a vote this April. See a sample ballot of all the candidates and issues here. See where to vote and much more from the Election Authority here.

Jefferson County

Check your voter registration, get a sample ballot and see where your polling place is here.

Arnold Proposition Public Safety

This ballot item asks Arnold residents if the city should reduce property taxes by 50% from the current rate. A one percent sales tax would be added to fund law enforcement.


Are you an Illinois resident? See sample ballots, look up polling places, and check your voter registration here.

Madison County

Edwardsville’s proposition to issue $100 M school building bonds

Voters are deciding if $100,000,000 in bonds will be issued to Edwardsville Community Unit School District Number 7 to improve school buildings, security, and campuses.

City of Granite City Public Question

Voters in Granite City will decide if the paid position of treasurer should be eliminated. The duties of the treasurer and comptroller will be assumed by a single chief financial officer.
The change would take effect at the end of the elected treasurer’s term.