ST. LOUIS – Voters across the bi-state will head to the polls Tuesday, April 4, to voice opinions on a variety of issues and candidates.

Monday is the last day to cast a no-excuse in-person absentee ballot at a location designated by election authorities in Missouri. It’s also the last day for early voting in Illinois. Locals are urged to check with their municipalities due to some cities’ early voting e ding last Friday. Tuesday is election day.

Polling places across the bi-state will open at 6:00 a.m., and close at 7:00 p.m. If you’re in line before 7:00 p.m., you’ll still be allowed to vote.

There are hundreds of items on the ballot across the bi-state. Tuesday’s vote will determine Missouri marijuana taxes, the makeup of school boards, and the fate of a lot of candidates.

In St. Louis City, voters will choose aldermen in the newly redrawn wards. Redistricting has cut the number of wards in half from 28 to 14.

People in dozens of cities and counties are voting on recreational marijuana taxes. The legalization of adult-use cannabis this year allowed cities and counties to tax it. This is Proposition M in St. Louis County, and Proposition 3 on St. Charles County ballots.

The amendment to legalize marijuana in Missouri placed a 6% state sales tax on purchases and authorized local governments to add a 3% sales tax. It’s up to voters to decide if the additional tax will be added to sales.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has shared that it would generate more than $3 million a year for county parks, police, and roads.

You can learn about what’s on the ballot, where to vote, and more on and the voter’s guide.

It’s also election day Tuesday in St. Charles.