WENTZVILLE, Mo. – The unofficial results are in for the Local 2250 vote in Wentzville. The vice president of the union told FOX 2 that it did not pass.

General Motors Vote on UAW Contract

For: 45.68%
Against: 54.32%
Total: 2,789

General Motors Vote on UAW Contract
Skilled Trades
Against: 45.35%
Total: 269

The Local 2250 has 3,700 members. Former UAW president Glenn Coggie told FOX 2 that out there Tuesday morning, he expected about 2,000 of those members to actually come out to the union hall and vote. The GM plant in Wentzville is one of the three original plants where the UAW strike started.

The UAW achieved record contracts with the big three automakers after six weeks of targeted labor strikes. However, not all union members have been happy with the new deal. It was on track to pass but received notable rejections by General Motors’ plants in Flint, Michigan and Spring Hill, Tennessee.

56% of gm workers in a union in Toledo, Ohio, also voted no.

They were asking for a nearly 40% pay raise, medical benefits after retirement, and a four-day work week when the autoworkers strike began in mid-September.

Here’s what the tentative deal actually entails that the Local 2250 autoworkers were voting for over the past 24 hours:
– A 25% pay increase
– Cost of living adjustments
– Richer contributions to the pension plan and 401Ks.
– Keeps their healthcare intact

Kage voted at the union hall about 24 hours ago. he supports the deal and voted yes. he also thinks it will pass by a narrow margin, but as we’ve seen in other states, this could go either way.