Update: Test results from Tuesday’s boil advisory have come back clean. The City of St. Louis Water Division has lifted the advisory. 

ST. LOUIS – The City of St. Louis Water Division issued a precautionary boil advisory on Tuesday for parts of the city.

Officials reported a loss of incoming power at the Chain of Rocks Water Treatment Plant.

Some city residents woke up to a precautionary boil water advisory.

Chris Hart, the general manager at Steve’s Hotdogs, is doing everything possible to make sure customers are safe until the advisory is lifted.

“When we got the message this morning under the precautions, we burned all of our ice,” he said. “We got ice from the gas station outside of the boil order area. We are not serving any fountain sodas.”

City officials say a brief outage at an Ameren Missouri substation interrupted power to the Chain of Rocks Treatment Facility. The water division is working with Ameren to ensure the flow of electricity to the treatment facility is not interrupted and affect its ability to deliver quality drinking water to city residents.

The affected areas include parts of Tower Grove and in The Hill area in a wide stretch of the city (see map below), mostly because of their elevation.

A water division spokesperson says they have not detected any contamination in the water supply and issued the advisory out of an abundance of caution.

Residents hope the issue is resolved quickly.

The water division issues precautionary advisories anytime pressure drops to protect the health and safety of residents while they test for contamination and restore full service to these neighborhoods.

It’s still unclear when the precautionary advisory will be lifted.

Area 1:

• Hamilton Heights, Kingsway West, and Wells-Goodfellow

Area 2:
• Hi-Pointe, Clayton-Tamm, Cheltenham, and Kings Oak
• Franz Park, The Hill, and Southwest Garden
• Ellendale, Clifton Heights, and North Hampton
• Tower Grove South, South Grand, and Gravois Park