ST. LOUIS — A water main broke downtown at 13th and Lucas on Friday morning. It looks like a water main broke overnight, which caused some damage to the streets and allowed water to get into some parking garages.

Some of the street broke away from its base because of the force of the water. The road is now sticking up, which makes the area dangerous. There is debris in the street where the street flooded.

Crews have been on the scene all day working on repairs. Due to low water pressure caused by a broken 36″ water main, the City Water Division has told some of the people it serves to boil their water as a safety measure.

The advisory to boil water for safety is in effect in the following areas:

  • St. Louis Place, Old North St. Louis, Carr Square and Columbus Square
  • Downtown and Downtown West
  • Peabody-Darst-Webbe, LaSalle Park, Soulard and Kosciusko

At least two underground garages experienced water. In one instance, a tenant claims that water entered the lobby area through the elevator shaft. According to residents, there was a trickle of water seeping up from underground yesterday afternoon, which then burst last night. Residents tell us that for a while, the site looked to be a river.

Other residents said it felt like an earthquake and a scene in the movie.

“There was water everywhere, our cars were in the garage, and we had to get them out quickly,” said Bill Shelton. “At that point, I was in water out here on Lucas, it was thigh high.”

This is not the first time homeowners in this neighborhood have had a major water main break.

In May of last year, a water main broke in the same area, at the intersection of North Tucker and Lucas streets. Since then, the pavement has been repaved. During that event, parking garages were also flooded.

It’s unclear when the boil advisory will be lifted.

Update: the boil order advisory from yesterday has been lifted.