ST. LOUIS – The Transportation Security Administration predicted this holiday travel week as the busiest ever, but travelers said they are yet to run into major issues.

It was a smooth travel day for Carey Musgraves and her daughter Sarah.

“It was pretty straight-forward,” Carey said.

Carey and her daughter were on a flight from Orlando.

“I took a nice nap,” Sarah said. “It was pretty good.”

TSA predicts about 75,000 travelers will pass through St. Louis Lambert International Airport checkpoints from Monday through Thanksgiving.

“We did have trouble in Atlanta,” Auburn native Bonnie Jordan said.

Jordan’s flight was on time, but a security checkpoint malfunction delayed her a few minutes.

Robert Taylor and his family had spent the weekend in the Bahamas.

“Here is really light compared to what we’ve been through,” Taylor said.

Taylor added that where he saw the most crowds was on his connection flight from Orlando.

“I am glad to be back,” he said.

TSA predicted Sunday would be the busiest travel day ever recorded, with 2.8 million people expected to travel.