KIMMSWICK, Mo. – The epicenter of a small, 2.5 magnitude earthquake was about a mile east of Kimmswick, Missouri, at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. A lot of people say they felt it.

“We felt it in Oakville, actually,” says Jennifer Kaempfe.  “We felt it, and we were sitting down at dinner, and we felt it.” 

“Lyn, did you feel that earthquake?”  asks Patrick Clark. 

“Yes we did,” says Lyn Lucas.  “It shook the whole house. I live off of Telegraph Road, and we have a community Facebook forum. Everyone was on there saying how they felt, and so did the dogs, going from window to window to figure out what happened.” 

The earthquake shook the eastern side of Missouri. lt was also felt in south St. Louis County, some residents say they knew right away     

“Well, I heard something kind of jarring and I thought maybe a garbage truck, or something went by, and I just figured it could have been an earthquake,” says Merylyn Schiller & Judy Overkamp. 

Some people were enjoying a quiet afternoon in this quaint river town on Wednesday, with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. They are aware of what a 2.5 magnitude earthquake feels like. 

“We have train tracks right by us and sometimes we’ll feel if a train comes through really fast like two nights ago, it will shake the house a bit,” says Kaempfe.  “So, it sort of felt like that.”