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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – At The Blue Duck in Maplewood Tuesday during the lunch hour, they’re basking in the win of their chef Trenton Garvey, and serving up some stories of the young gun chef who came through their doors six and a half years ago.  

“We were fully packed,” said Karmen Rayburn, owner of The Blue Duck. “The entire inside was full, the patio was full, the tent was full. It was so cool to see so many people so excited and anxious for the results of the show.” 

“We (saw) it on the news feed on Facebook so that’s why we came to try,” said Bill Flynn, Hell’s Kitchen Fan. 

Victorian Allen, another Hell’s Kitchen fan, said, “We live in Illinois and wanted to try since we’re big brunchers.”

Another Hell’s Kitchen fan, Jenny Hagen said, “We’re from Kansas City so we watched the season finale last night and we’re not in St. Louis that often, so we were like, we have to swing by before we leave.”

On Monday evening, the season 20 finale for Hell’s Kitchen, Young Guns, chef Gordon Ramsay awarded 23-year-old Trent Garvey from Union, Missouri the winner.  

“Eastern Central College has a culinary program, and he was part of the culinary program,” Rayburn said. “We hired a lot of the culinary kids at Blue Duck because we do all scratch kitchen cooking.” 

With his dad and girlfriend Macee in the audience in Las Vegas, the young chef who honed his culinary skills at East Central College in Union and later in Maplewood at The Blue Duck brought down the house when he got down on one knee.  

“Overall, I’m glad that Trenton won and at the end the proposal was cute,” Hagen said. 

The season 20 winner of Hell’s Kitchen is awarded a cash prize of $250,000 and will serve for two years as head chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak 2.0 in Las Vegas, Nevada.   

“We’ve never imagined that we’d get poached by Gordon Ramsay,” Chris Rayburn said.   

Karmen Rayburn said, “Everybody is hurting for employees right now and we didn’t think we would lose ours because of Chef Gordon Ramsay.”