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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – For pilots like Trevor Smith and truck drivers like Anthony Shaquille Smith, today is another day on the job.

“I mean this is what we are paid to do,” says Trevor Smith, aviations division manager at Big Blessings Aviation. “It’s not really anything that’s going to affect us as far as completing the mission.”

The weather is bringing just a few more challenges.

“If you got your equipment right, you should be alright,” says Anthony Shaquille Smith. “Ya know, good tires, good breaks, the windshield wipers working, you should be good. Cause if you out here, most likely you know what you’re doing.”

Surface winds gusting from 35 to 40 mph primarily impacting take offs and landings at Creve Coeur Airport. And for those traveling by road, the wind can bring issues to some more than others.

“If you have an empty trailer and if you are driving in the wind, it could affect your driving a bit,” Smith says. “Cause ya know the trailer empty, it’s light; you know what wind does to light objects.”

A reason why it’s so important to be mindful of the high-profile vehicles. Remember we all share the road.

“Try to keep a good distance between you and the truck. I would say, try to focus more on the road. Being on your phone, especially in the weather like this. And I would say use your turn signal. Make sure you use your turn signal,” Smith says.