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WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – The 9-year-old boy who lost his finger after falling at a Webster Groves elementary school will probably not have to get his right hand amputated. Doctors were worried that his hand was infected. The damage appears to be limited to his finger.

DJ Williams said he tripped on his backpack and caught himself on a metal cart inside his classroom at Bristol Elementary School earlier this week. He said when he fell, his right middle finger got stuck in the cart.

Physicians at Children’s Hospital examined his hand today. His family has been told that he can return to school Monday.

Doctors say that he, “is in great spirits but is in a lot of pain.” Typing on a computer and using a pen or pencil is difficult right now. The school will be working with DJ and his family to make sure he can keep up with his studies.

Many people have reached out to express encouragement and prayers. His family would like to thank the St. Louis community for their support. They are grateful for the positive response from friends and strangers. They are profoundly touched.