ST. LOUIS – When the forecast calls for snow, those planning to be on the move pay extra attention. Southwest Airlines got the alert out early Thursday via Twitter. With snow expected across the Midwest, flights into and out of some cities might be disrupted.

“During inclement weather situations, you want to get online and check your flight status. Also realize that at we have similar information, top of the homepage, left-hand side,” said Roger Lotz, a spokesman for St. Louis-Lambert International Airport.

With college students headed back to school and it being a three-day weekend passengers will need to allow extra time getting to the airport.

“The same situation for driving that you are facing, our shuttle drivers have to face as well. So, if you are parking your car in one of the parking lots, give yourself additional time on not just getting to the airport but getting from the shuttle parking spot to the terminal,” Lotz said.

Meanwhile, road crews are gearing up for a busy weekend. MoDOT also took to Twitter, reminding drivers of changing conditions on Friday. IDOT spent the day preparing brine tanks and rock salt piles for use. Operations engineer Joseph Monroe said they have plenty of staff on hand and three plans of attack depending on conditions.

“We’re in pretty good shape with the forecast. There’s not an obscene amount of snow or, you know, really cold temperatures,” Monroe said. “Since it’s coming in overnight Friday night into Saturday, that kind of helps us out. There are a lot of things that allow us a little bit more flexibility than if it was coming in on a Monday morning commute or Monday evening commute.”