ST. LOUIS — What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in St. Louis? That is the question FOX 2 posed to Facebook and YouTube fans Friday. We received thousands of creative, funny, and sarcastic comments.

Many people stated that it could take a long time to come up with a list. Others joked that they didn’t know where to start. Some people tagged friends, while others said that the entire city was weird, or that they were strange.

Some fans did get specific about the weird things they’ve encountered while living in the area. Here are a few selected comments and some more information about the topics our fans chose to highlight.

Weird St. Louis things

  • “Naked bike ride throughout the city,” recalls Brenda. Yes, that is strange. Check out our pics from last year.
  • Pickle jar on Manchester and 270,” writes Lisa. Yes, you can often see a pickle jar there. It also has a very active Facebook group called Team Pickle, Des Peres.
  • “I believe I saw someone driving without expired tags, Certainly a unicorn sighting!” writes Carol. It appears that some lawmakers are trying to do something about that.
  • “The City Museum! Amazing! Tons of weird things,” writes Jan.
  • “People’s Joy Parade May 6 on Cherokee Street,” states Sonia. The annual parade is coming up soon. You may want to plan a trip to see something unusual.
  • “A lady on a carpet,” writes Kristal. She is referring to the Becky, Queen of Carpets commercials. Check out this interview on YouTube.
  • “Jesus walking down Grand,” states Chenise. Yes, there is a man who wears robes who walks the streets of St. Louis. His name is Neal Thompson.
  • The Three Stooges at the Arena,” states Debi.
  • “I’d say years back seeing Father time hanging around the Grand Gravois area,” comments Marvin. Paul Pagano died in 2016 at the age of 93.
  • “I saw a man with a pony walking on Delmar and Whittier back in the 90’s,” states Candice.
  • “Frank Zappa on October 2nd 1977 at the Washington quadrangle,” writes Larry.
  • “The Blues win the Stanley Cup,” comments Keith. If you thought that was odd, then check out the parade.
  • “Someone using a blinker, thought I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone,” writes Brian.
  • “I was going to say Baton Bob, but it is the Lou and I’ve seen even more weird stuff than that but it’s not postable,” states Bobby.
  • “I can’t put it in print here,” said Sid.