WENTZVILLE, Mo. – With Missouri experiencing drought conditions, the City of Wentzville issued a voluntary water conservation declaration on Monday.

“We are seeing a potential weather pattern that looks like we’re going to stay dry for a while,” Susan Spiegel, Wentzville Director of Public Works, said. “So, we want to get out ahead of this weather pattern,”

The city is asking residents in even-numbered addresses to split up weekly lawn watering, and only water their lawn on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Those in odd-numbered addresses are asked to do a Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday watering schedule.

“That will help us balance our irrigation demand, which is a significant portion of our summer use demand,” Spiegel said.

This voluntary conservation period begins next Monday. Spiegel said it may go on for 90 days.

Although the declaration primarily focuses on residents, Spiegel said they’re also talking with larger, commercial irrigation users to try and balance that demand.

World Outdoor Emporium, where water is a key component, understands that it’s important to conserve water.

“Absolutely. We try to do everything that we can,” said employee Kelly Mesle. “We’ve actually started installing drip line irrigation into a lot of our plant zones, to where that actually helps reduce the excessive water that we use.”

They also water their plants by hand, and they don’t water plants that are drought tolerant as much.