KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Father’s Day ended with a little more excitement than a metro man planned. He went out of his way to make an unusual rescue at an apartment pool.

Johnney Anderson and his wife were celebrating with friends and family over the weekend. After lunch, they headed over to see a relative’s new Kansas City-area apartment.

Anderson’s wife said as they drove past the swimming pool at the complex she noticed a fawn stuck in the water. The deer was so small that it couldn’t make it out of the pool.

She said Anderson also spotted the struggling animal. That’s when she said Anderson parked his truck and his “fathers instincts” kicked in.

He ran to the gate and wasn’t deterred when it was locked.

Anderson’s wife recorded video of what happened next and eventually shared it on YouTube. She tagged it “#HeroOfTheDay.”

Video shows Anderson climbing the fence to access the swimming pool. As he ran closer to the fawn, the deer frantically swam toward him.

When the fawn was close enough, Anderson simply reached down and lifted it out of the water. The animal was so tiny he handed it through the bars to his wife.

The couple thinks the deer was curious, started exploring, and then became trapped.

Anderson’s wife said she released the fawn into the trees behind the pool and hopes it found other deer in the area.