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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – What do you call someone from St. Louis? Many people from Pittsburgh call themselves Yinzers, Albuquerque residents are known as Burqueños, and folks from Los Angeles are known as Angelenos.

It isn’t always clear what to call someone from a city or state. Indiana has Hoosiers and so does Missouri. But, that is another story.

People from St. Louis are generally called St. Louisans. This follows the pattern for many cities and states. Many of them are also Cardinals fans, so you could call them the “Best fans in baseball.” But, that can also be a touchy topic.

The term for calling people or things from a certain state is called a demonym. The words for people from a particular US state generally follow a pattern. People from southern or west coast states generally add an “ian” to the end of the word. So, people from Kentucky are called Kentuckians.

Most western states just add an “an” to the end of the word. For example, people from Kansas are referred to as Kansans.

New England states and an “er” to indicate someone is from there. So, people from Vermont become Vermonters.

There are a few states that use “ite” to indicate that someone is from there. You have probably heard of someone from Wisconsin referred to as a Wisconsinite. You can see a map of what people are called in individual states in the US here.