ST. LOUIS – Monday marks 22 years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, one of the deadliest days in the nation’s history known as 9/11.

Two planes crashed into each of the World Trade Center towers in New York, one crashed into the side of the Pentagon in Virginia, and another crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All told, 2,977 Americans lost their lives during the attacks.

For many who lived through 9/11, the events that unfolded that day will never be forgotten. On that day, FOX 2 followed the emerging details of the tragedy closely and documented the response around St. Louis through several localized stories.

What happened in St. Louis on 9/11?

According to stories from FOX 2’s archives…

  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport stopped flights early that morning in compliance with orders from an FAA security plan. Throughout the day, increased security and police patrols, plus bomb-sniffing dogs, surveyed the area to ensure safety and ease worries of those previously scheduled to fly.
  • The Gateway Arch was closed to the public. Staff had reported to work early in the morning, and quickly canceled trips to the top after learning of the New York attacks. All employees went to an underground level for cover until the “all clear.” Extra police patrols gathered around the Arch and blocked tourists from visiting the grounds.
  • Gas stations dealt with lengthy lines and heavy demands as many worried about what the attacks could mean for low fuel supplies nationwide. Some stations even raised prices to $3 unleaded and $5 diesel in the days that followed, leading to investigations over price-gouging from the Missouri attorney general. One gas station manager said prices increased due to misinformation from a supplier.
  • Some St. Louis-area schools had modified their schedules and plans to release children safely.

What happened days after 9/11 in St. Louis?

Based on more stories from the FOX 2 archives…

  • A handful of people marched through Forest Park with signs in hopes of showing patriotism and praying for victims. Some signs had messages like “Freedom will prevail” and “We will fear no evil.”
  • Hundreds visited St. Louis-area donation centers for the American Red Cross with the intent to supply blood for 9/11 victims in need.
  • A group of kids in Affton organized a neighborhood food stand with the goal of donating all the money to the American Red Cross to assist 9/11 victims.
  • A Ballwin flag store said its sales tripled from a normal day’s worth on the day after 9/11, with community members buying American flags of all sizes as a symbol of support.
  • One St. Charles County woman placed 250 small flags around her neighborhood to show support for the country.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals returned as scheduled on Sept. 17 after a week-long pause and fans were united around Jack Buck’s powerful speech.