DELLWOOD, Mo. – A wheelchair-bound man is asking for help after a large tree branch fell on his wheelchair ramp in Dellwood.

Alvin Stiger was getting ready to watch the news Saturday morning, when the sky got dark as a storm rolled in. Then, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky. 

“We heard the wind blowing past the window, and then it was a loud boom, and a loud crash, and a loud thud,” said Stiger. 

A huge tree branch had fallen on his wheelchair ramp and onto the driveway, completely blocking him inside.

“Well, I was glad that I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment,” he said. 

Stiger says this is the only ramp installed to his home. His wife, Cynthia Stiger, said the fire department came by to make sure to get the branches off the road. 

But to deal with the tree branch on their property, they’d have to call their insurance company. She said someone from the city of Dellwood came by to evaluate damage as well. 

“They came and said, because we’re seniors, the mayor would make sure that they’d send somebody out to try to clear all this out, but they didn’t say when,” she said. 

The tree has completely blocked their driveway. 

“If we did have to get out, yes, we can get out the back, but then we’d have to walk over into the other yard to get around the debris that’s on the side and everything,” said Cynthia. 

The couple said the city has been in contact with them to try and get this removed from their property and off the ramp. They said they expect to hear something by Monday or Tuesday.