ST. LOUIS — The weather is getting colder and that means the first freeze of fall is coming. It can impact sensitive plants and crops, leading to potential agricultural and landscaping losses. You’ll want to take the necessary steps to protect your home, vehicles, and outdoor plumbing systems from cold-related damage.


Missouri’s first frost depends on your location and the local terrain. In northern and central Missouri, you can expect the first fall frost in mid-October and the last spring frost in mid-April. However, the Ozarks experience frost earlier in the fall and later in the spring due to higher elevations. Moving from the Ozarks to the Bootheel region, the first fall frost occurs between late October and early November. Remember, local terrain can create temperature differences, so consider your specific surroundings when predicting frost dates.

KOLR-TV reports that Missouri saw its first freeze of the season when Maryville dropped below 32 degrees on October 13. That town is located in northwest Missouri, near the Nebraska and Iowa borders. Freeze watches were posted from western Kansas into North Dakota a week earlier for the first widespread killing freeze. The rest of Missouri is still waiting for the first freeze of 2023.

St. Louis

In St. Louis, the first fall freeze usually happens between late October and early November. It’s when the weather turns really cold for the first time after summer. The exact day can change from year to year, but generally, areas outside the city get colder a little earlier than the city itself because of city heat.

The National Weather Service reports that the earliest freeze in the St. Louis area happened on September 28, 1942. The latest freeze to happen in the region was on November 27, 2009. The average date for a first freeze near St. Louis is October 31. The last day for a freeze is typically around April 5.

Meteorologist Glen Zimmermann says that the area will not see temperatures in the 30s until late in the month. We will likely wait until November for the first freeze. We’ve had snow on Halloween before, but this year it may be rain.

People in the St. Louis area should start getting ready for winter by protecting plants from the cold and making sure their homes and cars are ready for the winter weather. It’s time to enjoy the seasonal changes and get ready for the colder days ahead.