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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Illinois may want to adopt Bobby McFerrin’s 1988 hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as its new state song. The Land of Lincoln was ranked No 8. in a recent report on 2022’s Happiest States in America.

The story is a little different on the other side of the Mississippi River. Missouri ranks near the bottom of the list at 41. So, it may really be in a state of misery.

Happiness is often characterized as an emotional state of well-being or feelings of joy that a person experiences. Some experts say it’s also a combination of how good people feel on a daily basis and how satisfied they are with their lives/

Researchers with the personal-finance website WalletHub believe that happiness comes from a combination of internal and external factors that can be influenced by who we spend time with, the activities we do and our overall attitude.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major stressor for people, the American Psychiatric Association said 87% of Americans are now “anxious” or “very anxious” about the economy and inflation.

WalletHub used this “happiness” research to determine which states had the best combination of factors for a well-balanced and fulfilled life, comparing the 50 states across 30 key metrics ranging from work hours to divorce rates along with adequate sleep.

The happiest state in the country is Hawaii, followed by Maryland, Minnesota, Utah, and New Jersey.

The least-happy states are West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama.

An interactive map shows where each state fell in the rankings.