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ST. LOUIS – It’s been 227 days since the last measurable snowfall in the St. Louis area.

That’s according to the National Weather Service. The last measurable snowfall was April 20 of last year with .8 inches of snow. There were traces of snow on November 12 of this year, however, it was not measurable.

Dec. 4 is the average date when the St. Louis area sees the season’s first measurable snow. December’s average snowfall is 4.4 inches.

St. Louis is not the only area with no snow, as other states across the country also have had a short supply. As of Friday morning, Hawaii and Alaska were the only two states in the U.S. to have blizzard warnings.

Earliest recent snowfall

Here is a look at how early have we seen measurable snow in St. Louis over the last couple years.

  • 2020: Dec. 16 reported 0.3″ of snow
  • 2019: Nov. 11 reported 1.5″ of snow
  • 2018: Nov. 12 reported 1.2″ of snow
  • 2017: Dec. 23 reported 2.1″ of snow
  • 2016: Dec. 17 reported 0.2″ of snow
  • 2015: Jan. 9 reported 0.7″ of snow

NOAA expects Missouri will see more precipitation than usual this winter. This precipitation forecast has a lot do with La Niña, which has already started to settle in.

A La Niña winter may turn into a La Niña spring, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center said Thursday. This year, a moderate-strength La Niña is expected, said NOAA meteorologists.

When it comes to temperature, this winter is forecast to be warmer than average for most of the country including Missouri and the Midwest.