Why holiday light installers say now is the time to get those decorations up


ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Holiday lighting companies are hard at work taking advantage of the warm weather in an effort to get ahead of schedule.

Temperatures in the 70s make it hard to believe Christmas is just 47 days away. While many homeowners wait until later in the month to begin decorating, it’s not a bad idea to get started sooner than later.

“Days like today we’re sweating instead of freezing. It’s nice. The wire’s nice and soft so it’s great,” said Joshua Paske, owner of Paske Holiday Lighting.

Paske says overall they’re a little ahead of schedule. They hope the weather continues to cooperate.

“We’ve got to worry about the rain and frost, so we’ll see. We had a couple of really good days with frost so it delayed us a little bit. As of right now we were talking today we’re about two and a half days ahead so we hope there’ll be a little bit of a cushion here as we get deeper into the season,” Paske said.

Frosty mornings delay his crew a couple of hours.

And not only is getting an early start likely to be more comfortable when it comes to temperatures but this year it may be more important than ever, especially if you’re needing additional products.

“If you’re wanting to buy material, secure material plus the temperature, those two factors together, especially with the shortages in the stores, the retail stores, for any number of reasons, getting it as early as you can, making sure you have all the clips and the needed bulbs and wires earlier is much, much better,” he said.

And for those who don’t want to get up on a ladder and want to leave it to the professionals, Paske’s advice is to call early.

“We start booking in January. We’re already booking now for next year,” said Paske.

Paske says not to hesitate. The earlier you get on the schedule the better off you’ll be long-term.

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