ST. LOUIS — A lot of people are asking why it is so hazy out today. A Google Trends report shows that there is a spike in people searching for this question. FOX 2 Meteorologist Angela Hutti has the answer.

Wildfire smoke forecast

Canadian wildfire smoke is drifting in from the northwest. The smoke is thicker to the west of St. Louis. But, there is smoke in the skies around St. Louis. The air quality index for St. Louis is moderate today and the smoke is not as bad as in June.

The sky may look a little milky, but otherwise, it is clear. There was also a little fog in the river valleys as the sun rose this morning.

The Canadian smoke is forecast to be in the area for the next day or two. So, look forward to more hazy skies and a spectacular sunset this evening.

Some very nice weather is expected. Thursday’s highs will be in the 80s. Tonight, temperatures will dip into the low 60s for the metro area and the 50s farther out.

Storms in western Missouri early Friday may send some clouds our way. We should have nice weather all weekend. Rain chances return Monday night and into Tuesday.