ST. LOUIS — In his TKO report, Martin Kilcoyne poses a rhetorical question. He wonders if you’ve ever been in a situation where a friend asks for a favor and you reluctantly agree, even though you’d rather not. In this case, Kilcoyne’s friend, Tim Ezell, sent him a message asking if he could come over for some Halloween trick-or-treating. 

Kilcoyne recalled that Ezell asked, “Hey, come by your house for a little trick or treat?”

Kilcoyne agreed, and Ezell arrived at his house around 6:30 a.m. 

“I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking,” Kilcoyne said. “Why is there a camera crew banging on Martin’s door?” 

Fortunately, Kilcoyne discovered that it was just “Uncle, Tim.” 

Kilcoyne mentioned that even his sons got out of bed to go trick-or-treating with Ezell. “I used to bribe them with doughnuts just to get out of bed. Now it’s a chance to be on TV. I think this is the aftereffects of the TikTok generation. Everyone wants to be filmed.” 

He wrapped up his TKO segment with this message: “But the point is, I said ‘yes’ because it was Tim Ezell. He’s been entertaining folks in the morning for decades. Tim has been very open about his current battle with Parkinson’s. There are treatments, but there is no cure yet. You’d never know it from his demeanor—same guy, same spirit. So, when he texts, I will say yes. Just don’t ask me to dress up like pumpkin spice.”