MARBLE HILL, Mo. – Bollinger County, just south of the St. Louis region, was hit hard by tornado-warned storms Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service has confirmed the storm system as a tornado based on radar data. FOX 2 is awaiting information on this specific twister’s path and intensity.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol confirms there are some deaths and injuries after a tornado struck the village of Glenallen, nearly two hours south of the St. Louis region.

Clarke Parrott, a spokesperson for MSHP Troop E, spoke with FOX 2 meteorologists and reporters Wednesday morning about the latest response efforts.

MSHP confirmed with FOX 2 just before 8 a.m. that there were some fatalities and injuries from the tornado, though it’s not yet clear how many. Parrott says damage is widespread, while some rescue and search efforts are also underway.

FOX 2’s Woods Basement Systems Storm Runner surveyed the streets of Missouri Route 34 on Wednesday near Marble Hill. Videos show lots of snapped trees and broken branches, some along the highway. The Glenallen community near Marble Hill is believed to be one of the hardest hit.

Parrott says there have also been damages to power lines, tractor trailers and churches in the area. There are similar impacts to the west and east of Route 34 and the damage is considered “pretty widespread,” according to Parrott.

Storm threats continue for southern Missouri and much of the St. Louis region heading into Wednesday afternoon. High winds, hail and thunderstorms are all possibilities. Some counties in southern Missouri remain under a tornado watch.

Additional details are limited at this time. FOX 2 will update as more information becomes available.