Will St. Louis see snow this month? NOAA prediction offers a clue


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ST. LOUIS- November is not too early for St. Louis to see snow. Two years ago St. Louis saw 1.5 inches of snow that brought traffic to a standstill for hours.

Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its Winter Outlook and believes Missouri could see more precipitation than average this winter.

NOAA also believes La Niña conditions will lead to wetter conditions across the Midwest this winter.

Earliest recent snowfall

Here is a look at how early have we seen measurable snow in St. Louis over the last couple years.

  • 2020: Dec. 16 reported 0.3″ of snow
  • 2019: Nov. 11 reported 1.5″ of snow
  • 2018: Nov. 12 reported 1.2″ of snow
  • 2017: Dec. 23 reported 2.1″ of snow
  • 2016: Dec. 17 reported 0.2″ of snow
  • 2015: Jan. 9 reported 0.7″ of snow

Recent November snowfall

Here is how much measurable snow St. Louis saw during the month of November over the last few years. Other years may have seen a trace amount or reported no snow.

  • 2019- 1.5″
  • 2018- 5.2″
  • 2014- 3.8″
  • 2010- 0.2″
  • 2008- 2.4″

Biggest November Snowfalls

Here are some of the biggest one-day snowfall totals St. Louis saw during November.

  • Nov 26, 1975-7.6″
  • Nov. 6, 1951- 6.9″
  • Nov. 28, 1919-6.5″
  • Nov. 17, 1926-6.2″
  • Nov. 19, 1972-5.2″

Memorable November winter weather

Nov. 11, 2019– You may recall the Nov. 11, 2019 winter storm. The 1.5 inches brought traffic to a standstill around many parts of the area. MoDOT said an unexpected burst of afternoon snow left them without enough treatment down on the streets. MoDOT said that coupled with some crashes put its crews behind.

Nov. 24, 2004– a major winter storm moved into St. Louis first producing rain that quickly changed to snow in the overnight hours. Snowfall rates were 2 to 3 inches per hour. Interstate 70 even was closed for a period of time. Areas around St. Louis saw snowfall totals ranging from 3 to 7 inches of snow. The St. Louis Metro area only saw about 1 to 2 inches of snow.

November 30, 2006– there was a winter storm that hit Missouri bringing snow to some parts of the state and a major ice event to St. Louis. Some areas saw more than a 1/2 inch of ice. This resulted in 500,000 customers losing power.

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