Winds rip 200-foot steeple off St. Louis church, causes minimal damage to cars


ST. LOUIS – Powerful winds from Friday night’s storm ripped a 200-foot steeple off the top of Centenary United Methodist Church and landed across the street.

No injuries were reported. There was minimal damage to cars that were parked nearby.

“In the middle of the storm last night, the wind was just so strong that it just blew it off the roof, and it went all the way into the parking lot across the street. Blocked the whole street,” lead pastor Kathleen Wilder said.

Resident Devin Hill was in disbelief about the steeple.

“That was a big, like pretty big, cross,” Hill said.

He added that he was also surprised at how quickly the city cleaned it up.

“It’s a lot of traffic through here, up and down this street, so it’s pretty good they got it done,” Hill said.

Resident Brick Storts rode on his bike Saturday morning to see what had happened to the church.

“Out riding today, I figured there was going to be a lot of damage like this,” Storts said. “I was down at my building and just a bunch of big trees knocked over, and a couple of guys were saying, ‘wow the church steeple, it’s gone.’ ”

Despite damage to the 100-year-old church, regularly scheduled services will still take place.

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