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CLAYTON, Mo. – Snow today and plenty of it. Great news for snow removal companies ready to get to work this winter.

Swinter Group went to Nebraska over the last few days for work. Now that there’s more snow in St. Louis, there’s more work for them here.

“We’re significantly down from average snow fall. Temperatures have been really warm. Precipitation has been down,” said Ken Boegeman, owner of Swinter Group. “So, we just have not had tremendous amount of weather. Particularly winter weather.”

That changed Wednesday as snow piled up.

“One of the things that accompanies the snow removal business is that it really does tend to be feast or famine,” Boegeman said.

Swinter Group employs more than 500 people. While Boegeman was making his way back to St. Louis several hundred of his employees were able to get back to work clearing roads.

“We’ve been at since about 1:45 a.m. this morning,” said employee Todd Capstick. “We shoveled sidewalks, then we plowed some parking lots, and then we’ve been salting trying to keep up with everything.”

Capstick’s work day may have started earlier than usual, but he says he’s glad there’s work to be done.

“It gives us something to do,” he said.