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ST. LOUIS – A child and two adults remain hospitalized following Wednesday night’s multi-vehicle crash in north St. Louis. Police are investigating and have not announced the cause of the crash. Witnesses say a car was driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

The crash happened in the 5900 block of Mimika Avenue, located in the North Pointe neighborhood. According to witnesses, a male driver was speeding down the narrow street and smashes into at least nine vehicles.

“I’m praying that the baby will be okay,” said Juanita Brison, who lives in the area.

Brison says her friends were just leaving her home Wednesday night when a car came down the block at a high rate of speed, the driver lost control, and hit several cars – some of the vehicles were parked and some had people in them.

“He tore up multiple cars, it’s terrible. He was coming down a one-way street,” she said. “My girlfriend was coming over to my house. Her car flipped over. My nephew’s car went airborne. My van was demolished. I have never seen anything like this in my days. He was hanging out the window, he tore everyone’s car.”

Witnesses say at least two of the cars flipped, trapping multiple people inside their vehicles. One of the cars involved flipped over and another hit a garage.

“We have children playing out here, elderly out here, everyone enjoying the day and doing yards. This is so unnecessary, how people fly through the streets with no regard for others,” said neighborhood resident Omarr Ham.

Family and friends say the victims remain in serious condition.