ST. LOUIS COUNTY – A woman faces criminal charges after she reportedly kidnapped a 2-year-old girl Sunday in St. Louis County.

Prosecutors have charged Sabrina Lett, 38, with child kidnapping and stealing a motor vehicle in the investigation.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol issued an Endangered Person Advisory into the disappearance of the two-year-old girl Monday morning, naming Lett as a possible suspect at the time of the advisory.

Investigators say Lett went to visit a friend in the 9800 block of Vickie Place in north St. Louis County. According to court documents obtained by FOX2, the two spent some time smoking marijuana before the victim fell asleep. When the victim woke up, Lett and her 2-year-old daughter were missing, in addition to her car.

Authorities received a tip from one of Lett’s family members that led them to the car. When they tracked down the car, they found Lett, but the victim’s daughter was not with her. Police then found the child in a nearby apartment building, per court documents.

Lett is being held in the St. Louis County Jail on a $150,000 bond. A warrant was issued for her arrest Tuesday, per Missouri court records.