ST. LOUIS – A woman was killed in a crash while speeding away from police, who tried to pull her over.

Police report that De’jah Leonard, 21, of St. Louis died in the crash.

Officials from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the accident unfolded around 1 p.m. Tuesday, when an officer on Interstate 70 near Salisbury saw a car going at least 80 miles per hour. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle.

Authorities said the female driver exited the interstate at Grand, got back on the interstate at Grand, exited again, this time at Adelaide Avenue, and then ran a red light, colliding with a tractor-trailer that was in the intersection. Police said the driver of the speeding vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both directions of I-70 were closed following the crash but have since reopened. However, the exit ramp near Adelaide Avenue will remain closed as accident reconstruction crews investigate the deadly crash.

It’s unclear why the woman fled from the police.

Accident reconstruction is handling the ongoing investigation. Police are not releasing her identity at this time.