ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – We’re hearing more from a woman who said her husband is the one who was shot in the hand during what police described as a road rage incident Tuesday morning on Interstate 44 in Fenton.

The woman claims that the shooter was the aggressor, not her husband. On Wednesday morning, she shared her side of the story on 105.7 The Point’s Rizzuto Show. She said they’re upset that the out-of-state shooter has not been charged.

St. Louis County Police said the shooting happened just after 8 a.m. Tuesday on the side of I-44 eastbound near the Bowles Avenue exit. They said the shooting victim “aggressively pursued” the shooter.

Sources close to the case tell FOX 2 that a nearby bank surveillance camera caught the entire incident on video. The video allegedly shows the man who was shot walking up to the other man’s car, standing there for 23 seconds, and then reaching for his waist. They said that’s when the man in the truck opened fire.

Police confirmed both men had guns and said the shooter claimed self-defense. It’s a narrative the victim’s wife denied Wednesday, calling the shooter the real aggressor. 

“The shooter got in the lane next to my husband, rolled down his window, drove past him, smiled, and gave him ‘finger guns,’” she said.

She said this all happened after the shooter bumped into their car and drove off. She said her husband then saw him on the side of the road, parked in front of him, and walked up to his car.

“My husband walked up to the truck and went, ‘Hey man, what’s…’ and that’s all he got out,” she explained. “The guy shot him [in the hand]. He shot him, he pulled the gun up, and he reacted. So, he got shot in the finger,” she said.

Police did not report a crash. Initially, they told us there were two shooters. They’ve since confirmed that only one man opened fire. The shooter was initially taken into custody. No one has been charged.

As of Wednesday afternoon, St. Louis County prosecutors announced they’re handing the case over to a grand jury. No charges have been filed against either of the drivers.