ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Authorities hope they’ve put a St. Louis area “businesswoman” out of business.

State records showed that in March 2022, Nautyca Mays, 25, filed for and received LLC status from the Missouri Secretary of State as a company doing business as “Nautyca Enterprises.”

She was allegedly in the business of selling tens of thousands of stolen items—items she’s allegedly been stealing from area stores over the past five years.

In spite of multiple trips to area jails, court records showed Mays had allegedly stolen perfume, beauty supplies, and clothing from stores before being released and then stealing again.

August 2018: She was arrested for stealing more than $2,800 worth of clothing from JC Penney in St. Peters but released on bond after a police chase that ended with a crash; her then-year-old child was in the vehicle.

January 2021: She was arrested for felony retail theft in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

March 2022: She was charged with stealing from Ulta Beauty Supply in south St. Louis County.

April 2022: A charge of stealing from Kohl’s in St. Peters and also taking items from the Ulta store again.

May 2022: A charge of stealing $1,200 worth of items from Kohl’s in Fenton.

June 2022: A charge of stealing from the Ulta store again in south St. Louis County.

July and August 2022: Charges of stealing from the Kohl’s store in Alton, Illinois.

December 2022, January 2023: Charges of stealing from the Ulta store again.

April 2023: A charge of stealing from the Ulta store in Chesterfield.
She allegedly stole more than $18,000 worth of items in the last three crimes alone.

Authorities said stolen items showed up “for sale” on the Facebook Marketplace.

“This kind of business model does not make a lot of sense and certainly is illegal,” said Wesley Bell, St. Louis County Prosecutor. “We intend to hold her accountable as a result. Although (these crimes) may not include violence, they’re serious, particularly when someone like this has a pattern, an ‘M-O’ of targeting these kind of stores.”

Mays has just been charged with three more counts of felony theft. She remains locked up in the St. Louis County jail. This time, her bond is set at $50,000 in cash only.