ST. LOUIS – Details are emerging as St. Louis Police investigate a fatal hit-and-run along a busy south St. Louis street.

This is the latest incident to raise concerns about pedestrian and bicyclist safety in South City. The latest deadly incident happened around 6:45 p.m. Sunday night on Gravois Avenue at Spring Avenue. Police had the area taped off for some time as their investigation unfolded. Accident reconstruction was called in and details are still being put together Monday morning.

At this point, police said an adult woman was hit by a car and killed, then the driver left the scene in the car that struck the woman. Police told us the only information they have on the hit-and-run vehicle right now is that it is a red sedan. The age of the victim has yet to be released. The tragedy comes after a meeting last Monday night at the Carpenter Library in South City.

Citizens there were voicing concerns about safety along the South Grand corridor for pedestrians and bicyclists. That area is not far from where Monday night’s incident happened.

We’re told that this year along the South Grand corridor there have been incidents including a fatal pedestrian crash and another fatal crash involving a bicyclist.

City officials told people at the meeting that the 35 mile per hour speed limit along South Grand is being evaluated to see if it needs to be lowered.

Locals are urged to call St. Louis City Police if you have any information on Sunday night’s incident.