ST. LOUIS – Be careful, drivers! Several cars on Interstate 64 have been hit by rocks thrown from the Hampton Avenue overpass. The latest victim speaks out after the near-death experience that shattered her safety.

Kristen Edgeworth was driving home from work on Wednesday around 6:30 p.m. on I-64 when an object suddenly struck her car from above.

“When we got to the Hampton overpass, a rock slammed into the front of our car, slid up the hood, hit the windshield, and bounced off,” Edgeworth said.

She said her car’s hood was damaged and one of her headlights was broken, costing her time and money.

“In hindsight, I was like, this could have killed us. It was very lucky that I didn’t lose control of the car,” Edgeworth said. “It was very lucky that if I have been going any faster, it could’ve gone through the windshield.”

She held the rock she believes hit her car.

“It was the only sizable rock, and I knew it was roughly head size,” Edgeworth said.

After several incidents, police have now put up one of their mobile SkyCop cameras on the overpass to either deter or capture those responsible for throwing rocks through the bars onto unsuspecting drivers, but it hasn’t stopped.

In February, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said three formal reports were made, with multiple calls about the incidents.

“It’s very frightening to me because we travel here for medical care four days a week,” said Maryam Ar-Arheem. “So if something like that were to happen when I’m taking my daughter, that would be devastating.”

“It makes me wonder if it’s multiple people, one person if it’s going to escalate,” said Emma Pritchard. “It could be a kid having fun, or it could be more malicious than that.”

One man was questioned, but no charges have been filed.

“I hope that they’re able to receive the help that they need,” Edgeworth said.