ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — An off-duty firefighter from O’Fallon, Missouri, and a St. Charles County police officer and sheriff’s deputy were working together to save a life Tuesday morning in a house fire.

It happened just after 6 a.m. in St. Charles County between St. Peters and O’Fallon.

Matt Chapman, an O’Fallon Fire Protection District firefighter was off-duty when he noticed a home off Wood Oaks Drive on fire. He said he tried to help the trapped occupant of the home.

“I pulled the fence down and got the windows out and then I tried to go in first and was kind of laying across the bed and I could hear her yelling for help,” said Chapman.

“He made that attempt three or four different times, making entry through both the doors and windows,” said Frisz. “Then once the fire department arrived, they were able to get in and perform the rescue.”

Smoke conditions down to the floor made it hard to see.

All three men from different departments attempt to enter the home to save the woman inside.

Then, as Central County Fire and Rescue arrives, a firefighter enters the burning home.

With direction from the three men outside, the firefighter was on his hands and knees sweeping the floor. He located the woman and handed her out the window.

“They kind of forget about their own lives to help and save this lady,” said Andy Parrish, O’Fallon Fire Protection District Assistant Chief.

“I didn’t even think twice about it and neither did any of the other officers that’s a good thing in my book,” says Chapman.

Frisz said he is ‘proud’ of the teamwork between the police and fire department.

“It ultimately is a good team effort,” said Frisz. “We all are here for the preservation of life that’s the ultimate thing we try and do, and it just shows how we can team up and accomplish that.”

All three men were treated and released for their injuries.

The off-duty O’Fallon firefighter was in a t-shirt and shorts, and the two St. Charles County police officers and sheriff’s deputy were in their uniforms, but no fire protection gear.