ST, ANN, Mo. – A 36-year-old man is in custody, facing several charges after he allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint and stole thousands of dollars.

A woman was checking out at a Walgreens in St. Ann on Monday around 4:30 p.m. She was counting cash at the register when the customer felt something was off.

She wishes to remain anonymous and uses a translator.

“I did feel a little threatened, so I walked really fast to my car,” the victim said. “I locked my car.”

The man behind her in line had left earlier, gotten in his car, and waited to follow her.

A neighbor’s surveillance video showed her getting out of the vehicle and starting to walk inside a home when the suspect came up from behind.

“It was very fast. He ran over to me from behind and held me from the back, pointed a firearm at my head,” the victim said. “I thought it was my nephew. I screamed his name because I thought he was hugging me, and then I realized there was a gun to my head.”

He then drove off with her purse and $3,500 in cash.

“If you are going to send money, try to do it as discreet as possible,” said Sgt. Monica Rulas for St. Ann Police Department. “Have the money ready, as opposed to counting large amounts in front of others and then just keeping an eye out.”

After 24 hours, the suspect was caught, and he was charged with robbery and armed criminal action.

“We used surveillance cameras in the area where it took place, which was just down the road from Walgreens,” Rulas said. “Where it first initially started, we also used their surveillance cameras there to identify the vehicle that was used that had distinct factors.”

The woman’s purse and money were not found.

“Now when I go out, I’m very scared, very nervous,” the victim said. “It was just a very traumatic incident. I don’t want to leave the house, so it’s made me a lot more cautious, but also a lot more scared.”

A GoFundMe was created for the victim. To donate, click here.