ALTON, Ill. – A woman was airlifted to a St. Louis-area hospital Tuesday after being shot inside a Rent-A-Center store in Alton.

According to Chief Jarrett Ford, Alton Police Department, the shooting occurred around 10:10 a.m. in the 2800 block of Homer Adams Parkway.

Police received two 911 calls: from a woman indicating she’d been shot and a Rent-A-Center employee reporting the incident.

Officers arrived to find the victim in a parked car near the store. First responders with the Alton Fire Department took her to a local hospital before she was moved to St. Louis.

Chief Ford said investigators learned the victim had come to the store to confront a relative who works there. The victim had an order of protection against her, prohibiting her from contacting the relative and from being at the store.

The victim and her relative got into a verbal argument which turned physical. Another Rent-A-Center employee took out a firearm and shot the victim.

The victim ran from the store, got in her vehicle, and drove a short distance away before calling 911.

Chief Ford said the investigation is still ongoing. No arrests have been reported.