Woman who recently moved to Kansas City says moving company is holding her items hostage


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Konami Moving and Storage is being accused of holding a metro woman’s items hostage. There are scores of consumer complaints online by the third-party moving company.

Lindsey Kupper moved from Logan, Utah to Kansas City earlier this month. She signed an agreement January 13 with an expectation her items would be delivered to her new home in Kansas City April 3.

She said she has waited close to a month for her items, but nothing has been delivered.

“Terrified. I have so much stuff. I probably have 65 boxes of things. I can’t even tell you the amount of clothing and what it’s worth,” Kupper said. “They’ve been giving me dates this whole month and not showing up.

Kupper said while half of her items are believed to be in a warehouse in Las Vegas, the other half of her belongings are still at her apartment in Logan, along with a new tenant.

“They’re claiming that I went over my square footage, and so it is not in their contract to take those additional items with them. The thing is, I told them exactly what I had,” Kupper said. “I left behind my sofa, my dresser, some of my bigger items, not even planning on taking those things with me.”

FOX4 attempted to reach out to Konami Moving and Storage, but no one returned our calls.

We did hear from the company Kupper booked through, Top Country Movers.

They denied any wrongdoing and said they never guarantee delivery dates.

They said “first available” does not mean “day of delivery.” They reportedly tell customers to expect delivery to take at least 21 days from the date that’s selected.

“I didn’t even know they were the broker, I thought they were the actual moving company,” said Kupper. “Make sure you really do your research, I thought I done, my research, but I didn’t do it thoroughly enough.”

The Top Country Mover rep said items are put in storage, often delayed as movers look for delivery routes and trips are often combined with other customers.

The rep did not answer why all of her items were not taken together, or when she could expect a delivery.

Kupper said she has tried to access her items.

“I’ve tried to get access to it, I’ve tried to ask if I can pick it up, they told me no. They told me they wouldn’t give me the address to where my things are, they also said if I wanted my things, and if I came out to get it, they would charge me a large sum of money to do that.”

Kupper said she is already has $3,000 plus invested in this move, and does not want to spend another dime.

After we reached out, Kupper was told her items would be delivered by Sunday. A rep also tells FOX4 Kupper can pick up her items from the Nevada warehouse at no additional costs.

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