ST. LOUIS — A woman was shocked to find out she won $3 million from a scratch-off ticket she bought at a St. Louis gas station.

The lucky winner purchased the $30 “Big Riches” scratcher at the Circle K located at 2090 Craig Road. She said she didn’t believe her husband when he told her they won.

“I still didn’t believe it until I looked at it,” the woman told Missouri Lottery officials.

“Big Riches” still has over $88.2 million in unclaimed prizes, including two more top prizes of $3 million and three $100,000 prizes. 

The average chance of winning at least $30 from a “Big Riches” scratcher is 1 in 2.66, according to the Missouri Lottery. Scratch-off games generally have an average chance of winning of 1 in 4. This does not mean that every fourth ticket will be a winner because winning tickets are printed at random.