ST. CHARLES, Mo. — A woman who won $50,000 on a scratchers ticket in St. Charles said she has big plans for the money. She spent $10 on the “Stacks of Cash” ticket at Wallis Petroleum in West Alton.

“I was with my husband as I was scratching it off,” she told Missouri Lottery officials. “And I just started hitting his arm a bit, going, ‘I think it’s a big one! Oh my God!'”

She said her husband didn’t believe her, even after examining the ticket.

“He thought it was a trick, but it was real,” she said.

Despite knowing how much money they had won, she said it didn’t feel real until they claimed the prize at the Missouri Lottery’s regional office in St. Louis.

“I was just like, ‘Is this really happening?’” she said.

As for what she plans to do with the money, she said upgrading her house is the top priority.

“We did the bathrooms last year, so this will go towards the rest of it,” she said.

The woman’s name was not released, as she opted to remain anonymous.

The Stacks of Cash game offers prizes ranging from $10 up to a top prize of $1 million. Currently, there are over $13.3 million in unclaimed prizes, according to the Missouri Lottery.