Women attacked by groper along Creve Coeur trail


CREVE COEUR, Mo. – An unknown assailant has been groping women as they walk the trail at Creve Coeur Lake. Three women have recently reported incidents where they have been walking along the trail at and out of nowhere a man sneaks up behind them and grabs their buttocks.

One of the victims, who we are not identifying, said she was walking the trail around 4:30 p.m. Sunday when someone caught her attention.

“I saw a guy sitting on the park bench to my right and he was wearing a black jersey of some sort with black shorts,” she said. “He had his head down looking at his cellphone, but I noticed he had some type of brown cigarette. It was a small one, like a self-rolled sort of thing. It caught my attention because you don’t see people smoking on the trail.”

The victim said she was in a wooded, isolated part of the trail between the soccer fields and overpass. It’s the same area the other two victims reported being assaulted.

She said a few minutes later she heard someone running behind her not but passing her. Then that person was right in her personal space. She turned and recognized the man from the bench. He was looking right at her then grabbed her butt and took off running in the direction he came from.

She took off running after him and when she did, he turned towards her with a smile on his face and an amused look.

She got a good look at his face and Maryland Heights Police said her description of the man matches the other incidents.

Police described the suspect as a Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s with a medium build. His hair is wavy on top with a close shave on the sides and back.

The first two incidents took place during nice weather in late February. All three incidents happened to women walking alone between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Police are encouraging everyone to be aware while walking the trail. Don’t have your head in your phone or music up too loud and walk with a friend if possible.

The latest victim said she is talking about what happened to her so that others can be prepared.

Maryland Heights Police are asking you to contact them if you know anyone matching that description, think you may have information, or have been a victim yourself. You can contact Officer Terry Mancusi at 314-738-2358.

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