ARNOLD CITY, Mo. – You may remember, just before Thanksgiving last year – a work zone crash killed two MoDOT workers and brain damaged a third.  

One of those who died was pregnant – Kaitlyn Anderson, who was carrying her unborn baby Jaxx. The crash happened on Telegraph Road over I-270.  

Kaitlyn’s family is determined to prevent another tragedy – and they are at Arnold City Park Saturday, August 3 with an amazing benefit planned with cash prizes and a bags tournament. It’s kid-friendly because Jaxx the deer will also be there.

It’s such an amazing event that a tow truck driver who has survived being hit in the road three times while working — drove all the way from Indiana to help spread a message of safety. Many found a way to turn grief into action.

FOX 2’s Chris Hayes spoke with Anderson’s mother Tonya Musskopf Slow Down and Move Over’s and Chuck McGinnis about how the two joined one another in spreading awareness.

For more information on the silent auctions and other activities, click here.