ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The FIFA World Cup soccer semi-finals will be on FOX 2 at noon Wednesday, with a match between France vs Morocco.  You can watch Studio STL at noon on KPLR 11.  Check out the program schedule by clicking here.

Morocco is the first Arab and African team to make it this far in a World Cup, playing a semifinal Wednesday against France.  The Associated Press reports that the semifinal with France is divisive. Much of the Arab world sees a chance for a former colony to give its one-time colonizer its comeuppance. But some in Lebanon feel cultural affinity with France, particularly Christians.

After the Portugal game, scuffles broke out in Beirut after a group of Morocco fans from a Muslim-majority neighborhood rode through a Christian area on motorcycles, some hoisting Palestinian flags and chanting “God is the greatest.” They were accosted by a group of men from the area who saw the convoy as a sectarian provocation.