ST. LOUIS – This year’s Fall Classic is full of storylines.

“I think it’s pretty exciting,” baseball fan Kirk Iversen said.

From the National League, it’s the underdog Arizona Diamondbacks.

“The Diamondbacks are just the biggest surprise Cinderella team to be in there,” Cubs fan Ty Knox told FOX 2.

From the American League, it’s the titleless Texas Rangers.

“It’s nice to see two new teams in it,” Knox said.

St. Louis baseball fans are still finding a team to root for.

“I picked the Diamondbacks only because I have family on my wife’s side that live in Arizona,” baseball fan A.J. said Wednesday.

Knox said he’d be rooting for the Diamondbacks because “they are the National League team.”

While the Diamondbacks are the underdogs, they already won the World Series back in 2001. The Rangers are one of six teams, along with the Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and Tampa Bay Rays, to never raise the Commissioner’s Trophy.

“They probably deserve it because they never won one before,” Knox said.

It’s the first time both teams have been in the World Series in quite a while. It’s been 21 years for the Diamondbacks and 12 for the Rangers since they lost the series in seven games to the Cardinals. The Cinderella story of the Diamondbacks or the first World Series win for the Rangers. But fans say may the best team win.

“It’s nobody’s time ever,” A.J. said. “It’s whoever is playing best. It’s not their time cause they haven’t won it in a while; it’s whoever is playing best.”