St. Louis – World Wide Technology Raceway shines bright for its fourth annual “WonderLights Christmas Festival,” captivating drivers with a dazzling light show.  

Emily Fleenor, marketing director for WonderLight Productions, shares that the holiday season holds special significance for her family, inspiring this festive tradition.  

“This all started because our family loved to load up in the car and drive around our community and look at everyone’s beautiful Christmas displays that they had at their homes,” she said. 

The track boasts millions of lights synchronized to Christmas tunes, creating a magical spectacle that unfolds over six weeks.  

Visitors can tune into 89.5 FM and witness a symphony of lights dancing to the music as they drive through. The enchanting scene features elves, candy canes, and a new towering Christmas tree near the “Wallace Grandstands.” 

The display, including a massive 100-foot tree, will run until New Year’s Eve, with tickets priced at $30 per car, offering a joyous journey for all.